Who We Are

Since its arrival on the short-term insurance scene in 1999, Mont Blanc Financial Services has established itself as a serious and dynamic industry player. Although the company is still only in its adolescence, it is changing the face of modern insurance as we know it, and has matured into one of South Africa’s premier independent short-term brokers while always aspiring to reach new heights and break new ground.

We strive to retain and grow our client base through providing solid, reliable, technically-correct and innovative advice to address any insurance, risk management and financial needs. We strive to create and maintain a close working relationship with our clients, which is why we consider them more as partners.

We get You Claims Ready

Getting a client claims ready is a continual process, it is not a once off thing we do when clients take out a policy. Most brokers only manage your risk on paper, at Mont Blanc, our brokers go in and assess your situation. We cover all the what ifs and possible eventualities before there is an issue.

Why Have A Broker

We help you through the pitfalls of decision-making by giving you the advice you need to take your next step. Primarily customers perceive any middle man as an unnecessary third party and conventional wisdom dictates that this means additional costs and possibly mistakes. What we found was important to our clients is Cost, Choice, Speed, Flexibility and Advocacy.
Having a broker is more important than you think!