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What is a unit trust?

A collective investment fund that is priced, bought, and sold in units that represent a mixture of the shares and other investments in the fund depending on its mandate. That allows you to achieve different goals at different time frames.

Multi- Manager Investments

Mont Blanc Financial Services also offers its unique range of Multi Manger Funds under the MBFS label structured according to inflation-beating returns.

These portfolios offer some of the most cost-effective and lowest fees in the market.

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How would a unit trust benefit me?

A unit trust is a medium to a long-term investment vehicle that gives one easy and affordable access to investment markets. We also offer Rand denominated offshore unit trusts on a local platform. For a free financial assessment, pop your details into the contact me form, and one of our investment specialists will contact you.

Quality Insurance

We strive to provide the product that is best suited to your needs, at an affordable price – with the added benefit of making sure that you are always claims ready. Not to mention, you are provided with a dedicated broker that you have 24-hour access to.

At MBFS we strongly believe in personal interaction as opposed to communication through automated response – and it's a philosophy we stand by.

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