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What Is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a way of protecting one’s family and loved ones against financial loss in the event of an untimely death or as a way of securing a pay-out at a certain age in one’s life. Life Insurance Cover is a way of securing the financial security and lifestyle of the named beneficiaries, and of creating a safety-net in the loss of income for one’s family.

Life Insurance And How It Benefits You

Securing one’s livelihood is an important way of safeguarding your loss of income. Taking out life Insurance Cover this depends on factors such as the lifestyle you would like to continue your family on and the amount of debt you have.

Quality Insurance

We strive to provide the product that is best suited to your needs, at an affordable price – with the added benefit of making sure that you are always claims ready. Not to mention, you are provided with a dedicated broker that you have 24-hour access to.

At MBFS we strongly believe in personal interaction as opposed to communication through automated response – and it's a philosophy we stand by.

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Funeral Cover is a type of life insurance that allows you to cover the costs of burial services for you or a loved one.