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From your cell phone slipping out of your hands, to bumping the screen of your smartwatch against a counter. Keeping your gadgets in one piece isn't always as easy as it seems.
All Risk

What is meant by “all-risk” cover? Simply put – cover for the portable possessions you carry with you on a day-to-day basis. We’re talking cell phones, cameras, smartwatches, jewellery, laptops, tablets and much more.


Could you imagine your life without your cell phone? The probability of that is highly unlikely. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to stay in touch with family and friends, plan important business meetings, remind ourselves of special events and to digitally poke people of interest. Not to mention, it’s our link to the ever-growing world of social media.

Bottom line – cell phones are expensive. So, ask yourself, do you have the right cell phone insurance for your favourite little device?

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Business or pleasure – your laptop is a treasure! Whether you’re a full-time businessman (or woman), IT technician, social media guru or just your general day-to-day “Netflix and chill” type of person; we have tailor-made solutions specific to the type of laptop cover for your lifestyle. Let us find the right option for you!

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Here are our 3 tips to keep your assets properly covered:
Keep it safe on the go

Make sure your device is in your boot whilst in your vehicle. If it’s left on the passenger or back seat and stolen, no cover is provided, as the item was visible to potential criminals.

Mention your add-ons

Most insurers also cover physical loss or damage to specified electronic equipment. This includes accessories, standard software and loss or damage caused by mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown. Make sure you mention all of these add-ons to your insurer.

Specify your policy

Your standard householders cover will generally only cover you for theft and burglary of the device whilst at your home. (A few insurers will cover the item regardless, but limits on payout amounts will be in force.)


At Mont Blanc we have several tailor made solutions suited to the exact type of cover you will require for your everyday items. Don't be locked down to one specific way of insuring these important items. no matter your situation, we have a product suited to you.

Need Cell Phone cover only?....not a problem. We have a Stand Alone Cell phone Insurance Product just for you!