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A highly preferred weekend activity for just about all South Africans and nature lovers around the world. Caravans & trailers pre-packed with all of the essential items - Gazebos, Tents, Stretchers, lanterns as well as an Assortment of essential extra goodies to ensure the ultimate "glamping experience" for a luxury outdoors experience or your 4x4 camping trailers specifically designed to endure rough terrain for the more adventurous "rough it" enthusiasts. At MBFS we have tailor made insurance solutions specifically for your caravan and/or trailer as well as all the goodies you cart around inside of them.

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We strive to provide the product that is best suited to your needs, at an affordable price – with the added benefit of making sure that you are always claims ready. Not to mention, you are provided with a dedicated broker that you have 24-hour access to.

At MBFS we strongly believe in personal interaction as opposed to communication through automated response – and it's a philosophy we stand by.

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