Claims Ready - What Does It Mean?

Getting a client claims ready is a continual process, it is not a once off thing we do when clients take out a policy. Most brokers only manage your risk on paper, at Mont Blanc, our brokers go in and assess your situation. We cover all the what ifs and possible eventualities before there is an issue.

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?
Are Your Buildings compliant?

This basically means that your building has to be fire compliant. Does your premises have fire extinguishers in place. Are your fire extinguishers serviced at their correct intervals. Has your premises been insured at the rebuild cost as opposed to the mere market value?

Are all your vehicles roadworthy?

This means that your vehicles are roadworthy according to standard legislation to all South African standards, including services, i.e. Manual slack adjusters for trucks are not insured according to South African legislation.

Is your Electrical certificate up to date?

Every property owner needs to have an Electrical certificate to verify that the electrical work of the property is up to code and safe. It is advised to have a qualified electrician inspect the property every two years or when there have been changes made to the electrical system of the property in order to avoid a repudiation.

Are your drivers Licenses valid and up to date?

This means that if you have drivers that operate within SA, Zimbabwe or Botswana - that you check to see that they have valid authentic drivers licenses - we have contacts to validate Do you have a recognised company checking and validating your driver's’ licenses

Are all your alarms working?

If your policy requires you to have an alarm with armed response, you need to be sure that the alarm system as well the backup battery is in full working condition. Also, if you leave the premises, be sure the alarm system is turned on or your claim may be repudiated.

Have all your vehicle's been inspected as per your policy?

Are all the current values up to date? Have you checked for missing details which may be important at claim stage (Are the Vin and engine numbers noted on the policy) Do you know that a Roadworthy certificate does not mean your vehicle is allowed on the road by law - this is highlighted in the disclaimer on certificate.

Are you compliant to all your policy terms & conditions?

Because an insurance policy is a specific document for the insured person, it must be clearly understood and followed to the letter. I.e When stacking items on your pallets, your policy may indicate that if the stock is packed too close to the ceiling it may pose a threat and thus void the insurer of paying out. Typically an insurance policy is updated annually so it needs to be monitored at regular intervals to ensure it stays claims ready!

Is there any item/asset not added to your policy?

Has your broker explained your policy to you so that you have sufficient knowledge of products and/or extensions to your policy which you could make use of Or do you know that If you purchase new items that they should be added - or that if you have sold or discarded existing items that the broker must be notified so that they can be removed/replaced.

Have all your past claims been disclosed to your insurer?

When it comes to determining a rate for clients Insurers rate according to claims history, non disclosure could lead to an insurer revoking cover.