Leading the technology revolution.
Leading the technology revolution.

Posted | March 16, 2021

Leading the technology revolution

Insurance has always been much like any other “have to do” topic, endless emails, holding on the phone for hours, endless paperwork, and ultimately a total nightmare. But then came Mont Blanc, a tech-savvy, client-centered brokerage. We believe in collaborations that happen in real-time because life is happening faster than it's ever been. We feel like insurance should be fast, easy, and accessible and the Mont Blancian tech nerds are constantly looking for ways to make our process better.

You’re thinking about moving over to the Mont Blanc family, what can you expect and how will we make your life easier?

Say goodbye to holding on the phone for what can feel like hours to get through to an insurance agent to only be transferred to someone else who doesn't know how to help you, this can turn into one tedious cycle. 

Mont Blanc will assign you to a dedicated broker who will surely become your insurance BFF, they will be your sole point of contact into the insurance world and will be at your disposal 24/7. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a translator, for all the corporate jargon that we don’t understand, we can't promise you this in all areas of your life but when it comes to insurance we have got you covered. 

Okay so you need to add something or make changes to your policy but you are hopping on a plane or waiting for the kids to finish soccer, EASY Mont Blanc has a long-standing partnership with DocuSign, we send you the page that needs to be signed and you can do it right on the spot in less than two minutes, DocuSign is paperless, anytime, anywhere making it convenient for you and the planet. 

Our Mont Blancians have full access to Google workspace which means that we are able to assist you anytime, anywhere and that we have an instant backup, all our devices are cloud-based, nothing can go missing, nothing can get lost in translation. 

Once you step foot in the door to become part of the Mont Blanc family we know it won’t be long until all your entire insurance portfolio is with us! 

 This makes sense because we are able to put all your policy documents on a shared drive with us, this means having access to your personal policy and business policies all at once & in the same place, simple and convenient, right? 

We make sure that we only work with insurers who are as tech-savvy as we are, one of our insurers has launched an app called Live logic this means getting your claims ready™ has never been so easy, you simply download the app on your cell phone, snap some pictures of the damage and submit it, that’s it! No need to call an assessor out.

We are also a huge supporter of our commercial trucking clients using seeing machines, this uses state of the art technology to alert the control room if the driver looks at his phone or is becoming drowsy, it is even able to alert you if the driver has an unauthorized passenger on board. It is this type of forward-thinking that is largely capable of cutting accidents in half.

One of our most successful partnerships has come from salesforce, a global platform that we use to deliver personalized experiences by using the integrated CRM. It provides powerful, connected products for improving the way we are able to service our customers.

We can’t help but wonder when will you be moving over to Mont Blanc to join the new-age technology revolution.

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