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Car & Household Insurance

Individuals, businesses and families all face risks daily. Motor accidents, theft, fire and natural disasters are part of life and can occur at any time. Recognising this, Mont Blanc Financial Services’ short-term insurance provides innovative, intelligent cover and service solutions designed for people who need more than conventional mass-market insurance.

Our range of insurance products allows customers to choose their level of cover. From basic insurance for the budget-conscious client to comprehensive top-shelf cover for those seeking maximum protection, we offer the best personal insurance at affordable premiums, and our highly trained and dedicated staff provide personal care to cater to all our clients’ specific needs.

We believe in the personal touch. Why not arrange a free consultation with one of our personal portfolio managers to ascertain your needs and recommend the best solution for you?

  • Motorcycles


    Our motorcycle insurance offers comprehensive cover, light cover or third-party cover. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance offers you indemnity, protection and repair, delivery after repair, as well as medical expenses and trauma cover. Theft and hijack cover is included in the comprehensive package. Unless otherwise specified, we cover motorcycles at retail value.


    Choose between comprehensive cover, light cover or third-party cover for your private vehicle, light delivery vehicle or 4x4. Comprehensive cover includes indemnity to you, protection and repair (including windscreens), delivery after repair, medical expenses, breakdown, emergency hotel expenses, vehicle sharing, trauma, and replacement of a new vehicle. Theft and hijack cover is optional in our comprehensive package. Unless otherwise specified, we cover vehicles at retail value.

    Pleasure craft

    We provide cover for vessels designed not to exceed 43 knots (80km/h). Our comprehensive insurance for pleasure craft includes cover for accidents, fire, lightning, malicious acts, loss of or damage to outboard motors (provided they are securely attached), latent defects, or theft or attempted theft. Optional extras include cover for emergency and transit charges, transit risks and yacht-racing risks. Related personal effects – such as diving, fishing or skiing equipment – must be insured separately.

    Caravans and Trailers

    Comprehensive cover for caravans and trailers means that in the event of an accident, you are covered for the damage to your own property as well as any damage to other people’s property. This insurance provides you with indemnity, protection and repair, and delivery after repair. Unless otherwise specified, we cover caravans and trailers at retail value. You can opt to pay an additional premium to cover your caravan’s contents.

  • Property Insurance

    Household Contents

    Keep us updated when you renovate your kitchen or buy a smart TV. We’ll cover the contents of your home for their current replacement value. We cover a wide range of causes for damage or loss, including theft, damage through deliberate or wilful acts, or those arising from natural phenomena. More comprehensive cover can include guests’ or employees’ property, trauma, theft in transit, or damage to the garden.


    Insure your private residence and other structures, installations or machinery on your property. We’ll cover most things, from swimming pools and driveways to satellite dishes and boundary walls. We’ve got your back for theft or burglary, burst pipes, falling trees, fire, lightning, wind, rain or hail, among many other things. You can also get limited cover for things like security guards, loss of water or rent, and legal liability arising from ownership of property.

    All Risks

    We offer cover for personal items you take out of your home regularly, such as sporting equipment, cameras, binoculars, jewellery, clothing, cellphones, laptops and tablets. If you specify the item and prove its value, we’ll insure it for the cost of a replacement. If you don’t specify the item, we’ll assume it costs R1 000 or less, unless you upgrade to global cover of R5 000 per unspecified item.

    Computer Equipment

    This cover is exclusively for the physical loss of or damage to personal computers, laptops, tablets, palmtops, printers, scanners, and such. It covers the items while in use or otherwise, as well as for mechanical and electrical breakdown. Cost of reinstating data on data-carrying media can also be included under this section.

  • Liability

    Vehicle Liability

    Get cover for legal liability to other parties arising from an accident involving your vehicle resulting in death or bodily injury to others, as well as accidental loss of or damage to another person’s property.

    Personal Legal Liability

    We’ll cover you for compensation for which you’re legally liable after an accident, such as death or injury to third parties, or loss of or physical damage to property. This cover indemnifies you and includes cover for tenants, credit card or SIM card fraud, wrongful arrest, security or garden services, and hole-in-one cover (something any golfer worth his salt will tell you is essential).

    Extended Personal Legal Liability

    Buy additional peace of mind with cover that provides extended insurance for personal legal liability, vehicle liability and pleasure craft liability.

    Water Liability

    Cover yourself for legal liability to other parties arising from an accident involving your pleasure craft that results in death or bodily injury to others, or accidental loss of or damage to another person’s property. This includes some cover for liability of water-skiers or parasailers, liability if another person navigates the insured craft, and costs for lifting out, removing or destroying the vessel.

    Legal Access

    Make sure you’re covered for expenses incurred through legal action in connection with family members, such as divorce, custody or maintenance suits. Legal costs and expenses will be taxed in accordance with the insurer’s fixed rate. The insurer’s consent must be given prior to the pursuance of any legal action under basic cover.

    Personal Accident

    We’ll make sure you’re compensated in the event of your death or permanent total disablement, or that of your spouse or dependant children between the ages of 21 and 25, provided they are in full-time education and living with you. Permanent total disablement means absolute incapacity from usual business or occupation that arises from bodily injury directly as a result of violent, accidental, external or visible means.